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What is the DV Visa Program?

The United States initiated the Diversity Visa Program¸it grants permanent resident visas to 50,000 applicants from around the world. A computer system of the US State Department randomly selects 50,000 applicants for the Green Card. These people can work, live and study in the United States.

Many plans devised by The Diversity Visa Program have now been implemented successfully. The primary aim of the program is to grant immigration to people whose countries have a low immigration rate in the past five years. Through this program the immigrant population is diversified.

The immigrants who qualify for the DV Visa Program are allowed to work, live and study in the United States. They are granted the designation of Permanent US Residents. They are allowed to keep their native citizenship but at the same time can also work in the public sector and the government.

If a country has reached the limit of sending 50,000 applicants in a period of 5 years, it becomes ineligible for the DV Visa Program. The total percentage of immigrants, which cannot be exceed, from each applicant country is 7%.

There are only two simple but strict eligibility requirements for applicants. One must have the necessary work and education requirements and must be a native of a country qualified for the DV Visa Program.

The program provides an excellent opportunity for people who desire to live, study or work in the US


The Diversity Visa Program encourages immigration with the aim of bringing diversity to the immigrant population residing in the United States of America. It does so by giving a chance to people whose countries have a very less ratio of residency in comparison to those who have a greater ratio. Through this program an applicant can ideally receive a permit of permanent legal residency. Hence, you will have the freedom to live, study and work in the US. 50,000 applicants become Green card holders every year and are granted allowance to move in and out of the country at will through this program.

How it Works

The criteria for eligibility is simple yet strict. An applicant must qualify for two requirements in order to register for this program. An applicant must be from one of the countries that have qualified for the program and he/she must meet the necessary educational and work requirements stated by the program. The US State Department selects 50,000 applicants for green cards after which they will be issued visas. Every year 50,000 people are granted permanent residence visas. The native citizenship of an immigrant stays unaffected by the issuance of a green card. An immigrant can keep both a diversity visa and the documents of his/her native citizenship.